Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy (Modern European Philosophy)

Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy (Modern European Philosophy)

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Maudemarie Clark
Cambridge University Press, 6/13/2014
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Friedrich Nietzsche haunts the modern world. His elusive writings with their characteristic combination of trenchant analysis of the modern predicament and suggestive but ambiguous proposals for dealing with it have fascinated generations of artists, scholars, critics, philosophers, and ordinary readers. Maudemarie Clark's highly original study gives a lucid and penetrating analytical account of all the central topics of Nietzsche's epistemology and metaphysics, including his views on truth and language, his perspectivism, and his doctrines of the will-to-power and the eternal recurrence. The Nietzsche who emerges from these pages is a subtle and sophisticated philosopher, whose highly articulated views are of continuing interest as contributions to a whole range of philosphical issues. This remarkable reading of Nietzsche will interest not only philosophers, but also readers in neighbouring disciplines such as literature and intellectual history.

Notes on texts and citations
1. Interpreting Neitzsche's on truth
2. Nietzsche and theories of truth
3. Language and truth
Nietzsche's early denial of truth
4. The development of Neitzsche's later position on truth
5. Perspectivism
6. The ascetic ideal
7. The will to power
8. Eternal recurrence.