Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics in One Dimension (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics)

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics in One Dimension (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics)

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Edited by Vladimir Privman
Cambridge University Press, 2/20/1997
EAN 9780521559744, ISBN10: 052155974X

Hardcover, 492 pages, 25.4 x 17.8 x 2.7 cm
Language: English

This book reviews one-dimensional reactions, dynamics, diffusion and adsorption. In studies of complex systems in biology, chemistry and physics, understanding can be gained by analytical and numerical analyses of simple models. This book presents review articles at an advanced research level, describing results for one-dimensional models of dynamical processes such as chemical reactions and catalysis, kinetic ising models, phase separation and cluster growth, monolayer and multilayer adsorption with added relaxation, surface and hard-core particle dynamics, diffusional transport, random systems and experimental results. It also covers experimental results for systems ranging from chemical reactions to adsorption and reactions on polymer chains, steps on crystalline surfaces, and DNA. All chapters are written by leading scientists in the field. They present a self-contained review of this subject that will guide a reader from basic concepts, ideas, methods and models to the forefront of research.

Part I. Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Models of Catalysis
1. Scaling theories of diffusion-controlled and ballistically-controlled bimolecular reactions S. Redner
2. The coalescence process, A+A->A, and the method of interparticle distribution functions D. ben-Avraham
3. Critical phenomena at absorbing states R. Dickman
Part II. Kinetic Ising Models
4. Kinetic ising models with competing dynamics
mappings, correlations, steady states, and phase transitions Z. Racz
5. Glauber dynamics of the ising model N. Ito
6. 1D Kinetic ising models at low temperatures - critical dynamics, domain growth, and freezing S. Cornell
Part III. Ordering, Coagulation, Phase Separation
7. Phase-ordering dynamics in one dimension A. J. Bray
8. Phase separation, cluster growth, and reaction kinetics in models with synchronous dynamics V. Privman
9. Stochastic models of aggregation with injection H. Takayasu and M. Takayasu
Part IV. Random Sequential Adsorption and Relaxation Processes
10. Random and cooperative sequential adsorption
exactly solvable problems on 1D lattices, continuum limits, and 2D extensions J. W. Evans
11. Lattice models of irreversible adsorption and diffusion P. Nielaba
12. Deposition-evaporation dynamics
jamming, conservation laws and dynamical diversity M. Barma
Part V. Fluctuations In Particle and Surface Systems
13. Microscopic models of macroscopic shocks S. A. Janowsky and J. L. Lebowitz
14. The asymmetric exclusion model
exact results through a matrix approach B. Derrida and M. R. Evans
15. Nonequilibrium surface dynamics with volume conservation J. Krug
16. Directed walks models of polymers and wetting J. Yeomans
Part VI. Diffusion and Transport In One Dimension
17. Some recent exact solutions of the Fokker-Planck equation H. L. Frisch
18. Random walks, resonance, and ratchets C. R. Doering and T. C. Elston
19. One-dimensional random walks in random environment K. Ziegler
Part VII. Experimental Results
20. Diffusion-limited exciton kinetics in one-dimensional systems R. Kroon and R. Sprik
21. Experimental investigations of molecular and excitonic elementary reaction kinetics in one-dimensional systems R. Kopelman and A. L. Lin
22. Luminescence quenching as a probe of particle distribution S. H. Bossmann and L. S. Schulman

"The structure of this book - written by the leading specialists in the field - is well adapted to offer an overview of the current research areas....Due to the recent "hot topics" approached, as well as to its systematic, clear and rigorous structure, this book will be of interest both to graduate students and researchers in theoretical and experimental physics and chemistry, applied mathematics, and biology." mathematical reviews clippings 98h