Nonparametric Techniques in Statistical Inference

Nonparametric Techniques in Statistical Inference

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Madan Lal Puri
Cambridge University Press, 3/9/2009
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Nonparametric techniques in statistics are those in which the data are ranked in order according to some particular characteristic. When applied to measurable characteristics, the use of such techniques often saves considerable calculation as compared with more formal methods, with only slight loss of accuracy. The field of nonparametric statistics is occupying an increasingly important role in statistical theory as well as in its applications. Nonparametric methods are mathematically elegant, and they also yield significantly improved performances in applications to agriculture, education, biometrics, medicine, communication, economics and industry.

1. Testing and Estimation 1
2. Testing and Estimation 2
3. Order Statistics and Allied Problems
4. General Theory
5. Ranking and Selection Procedures
6. Decision Theoretic and Empirical Bayes Procedures
7. Teaching of Nonparametric Statistics.