Nugget Coombs

Nugget Coombs

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Tim Rowse
Cambridge University Press, 26/09/2002
EAN 9780521817837, ISBN10: 0521817838

Hardcover, 430 pages, 22.8 x 16.2 x 3.4 cm

HC Coombs was one of the most influential Australians of the twentieth century. Born in 1906, he is best known as the governor of the Reserve Bank, but the breadth of his activities and his commitment to public life until his death is unsurpassed. Tim Rowse traces Coombs’ life from his childhood in Western Australia to his many roles as policy maker, change agent, advocate and adviser. Particularly interested in Coombs as an economist, Tim Rowse shows that a key motif in his life as a public servant was to create an economic rationality among the political elite that was socially integrative and that looked beyond the strictures of economics to environmental sustainability, scientific and artistic creativity. This book covers Coombs’ life from birth to death, providing intriguing insights into the life of one of Australia’s most influential people.

'This is a remarkable study both for the depth of the research, the intellectual range of the analysis, and the sheer force of the exposition. I recommend it wholeheartedly.' Stuart Macintyre 'This is an excellent account of an excellent Australian.' Professor Geoffrey Bolton