Obstetric Interventions with Online Resource

Obstetric Interventions with Online Resource

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Cambridge University Press, 5/18/2017
EAN 9781316632567, ISBN10: 1316632563

Paperback, 246 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.1 cm
Language: English

Complications that arise during childbirth remain a significant challenge for all healthcare providers. Obstetric Interventions is a richly detailed text that combines traditional obstetrics with the use of innovative birthing techniques. With clear, state-of-the-art color illustrations throughout - all originally produced for this text - this book gives clear insight into the mechanisms of normal childbirth and the alternative techniques of obstetric intervention that may need to be used in the delivery room. In addition to being highly illustrated, the book is accompanied by over fifty animated simulations of obstetric interventions that are available online. These highlight the different birth mechanisms in truly unique detail and will aid understanding of anatomy and technique. Obstetric Interventions is aimed at obstetricians, obstetric trainees, and midwives. This book provides an evidence-based insight into the choices that obstetricians and midwives face every day at all stages of the birthing process.

Part I. Anatomy
1. Anatomy P. J. Dörr, S. Keizer, M. Weemhoff, M. C. de Ruiter and V. M. Khouw
Part II. Normal Labor and Delivery
2. Normal labor and delivery H. W. Torij, K. M. Heetkamp and A. Grunebaum
Part III. Pathology of Labor and Labor and Delivery
3. Compound presentation and umbilical cord prolapse A. J. Schneider and J. J. Duvekot
4. Delivery of twins M. Laubach and Y. Jacquemyn
5. External cephalic version E. Roets, M. Hanssens and M. Kok
6. Vaginal breech delivery A. T. M. Verhoeven, J. P. de Leeuw, H. W. Bruinse, H. C. J. Scheepers and B. Wibbens
7. Operative vaginal delivery (vacuum and forceps extraction) P. J. Dörr, G. G. M. Essed, and F. K. Lotgering
8. Shoulder dystocia P. P. van den Berg and S. G. Oei
9. Retained placenta H. J. van Beekhuizen and J. H. Schagen van Leeuwen
10. Placenta accreta, increta, and percreta W. Mingelen, F. M. van Dunné and P. J. Dörr
11. Inversion of the uterus J. B. Derks and J. van Roosmalen
12. Technique for cesarean delivery S. A. Scherjon, J. G. Nijhuis and W. J. A. Gyselaers
13. Sphincter injury M. Weemhoff, C. Willekes and M. E. Vierhout
Part IV. Ethics of Obstetrical Interventions
14. Ethical dimensions of obstetrical interventions F. A. Chervenak, A. Grunebaum and L. B. McCullough