OFDMA Mobile Broadband Communications: A Systems Approach

OFDMA Mobile Broadband Communications: A Systems Approach

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Junyi Li, Xinzhou Wu, Rajiv Laroia
Cambridge University Press, 2013-01-17
EAN 9781107001602, ISBN10: 1107001609

Hardcover, 537 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

Written by the pioneers of Flash-OFDM, arguably the first commercially developed OFDMA-based mobile broadband system in the world, this book teaches OFDMA from first principles, enabling readers to understand mobile broadband as a whole. The book examines the key requirements for data-centric mobile; how OFDMA fits well with data networks; why mobile broadband needs to be IP-based; and how to bridge communications theory to real-world air interface design and make a good system choice between performance and complexity. It also explores the future of wireless technologies beyond conventional cellular architecture. One of the key challenges faced by newcomers to this field is how to apply the wireless communications theory and principles to the real world and how to understand sophisticated commercial systems such as LTE. The authors use their firsthand experience to help graduate students, researchers and professionals working on 4G to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Advance praise: 'Li, Wu and Laroia's book fulfils a major need - an authoritative reference on OFDMA, which is the foundation for 4G cellular technology, and likely the dominant air interface technology for many years to come. The authors are renowned innovators and system engineers who among them pioneered the use of OFDM for cellular systems, and the book contains many crisp insights that no other team of authors could provide. The academic rigor of the book is also remarkable, particularly from practising system engineers. In fact, they have independently derived several cutting edge research results in order to make various technical points! A must-have book for any wireless system engineer's personal library.' Jeffrey Andrews, University of Texas, Austin