Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering

Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering

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Ashok D. Belegundu, Tirupathi R. Chandrupatla
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 6/6/2019
EAN 9781108424882, ISBN10: 1108424880

Hardcover, 464 pages, 25.9 x 18.3 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

Organizations and businesses strive toward excellence, and solutions to problems are based mostly on judgment and experience. However, increased competition and consumer demands require that the solutions be optimum and not just feasible. Theory leads to algorithms. Algorithms need to be translated into computer codes. Engineering problems need to be modeled. Optimum solutions are obtained using theory and computers, and then interpreted. Revised and expanded in its third edition, this textbook integrates theory, modeling, development of numerical methods, and problem solving, thus preparing students to apply optimization to real-world problems. This text covers a broad variety of optimization problems using: unconstrained, constrained, gradient, and non-gradient techniques; duality concepts; multi-objective optimization; linear, integer, geometric, and dynamic programming with applications; and finite element-based optimization. It is ideal for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in optimization design and for practicing engineers.

1. Preliminary concepts
2. One-dimensional unconstrained minimization
3. Unconstrained optimization
4. Linear programming
5. Constrained minimization
6. Penalty functions, duality, and geometric programming
7. Direct search methods for nonlinear optimization
8. Multi-objective optimization
9. Integer and discrete programming
10. Dynamic programming
11. Optimization applications for transportation, assignment, and network problems
12. Finite element and simulation-based optimization