Overseas Supply and Installation Contracts

Overseas Supply and Installation Contracts

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Philip Allery
Sweet & Maxwell, 05/10/2000
EAN 9780421598300, ISBN10: 0421598301

Hardcover, 496 pages,

Contracts involving the supply and installation overseas of major capital equipment are the most sophisticated in terms of sales of goods law. This book reaches beyond pure export and building and engineering law to provide a complete legal and practical guide for anyone working in this field. * Focuses on the law relating to the sale of goods * Discusses taxation and export credit and insurance considerations * Includes a discussion of standard form contracts * Examines the principal features of the contract, addressing every major aspect of contract and sale of goods law * Includes useful precedents to save time * Examines the nature of public bidding problems and practice * Also constitutes a useful reference work for UK supply and installation contracts