Parental Psychiatric Disorder: Distressed Parents and their Families

Parental Psychiatric Disorder: Distressed Parents and their Families

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 7/9/2015
EAN 9781107070684, ISBN10: 1107070686

Hardcover, 389 pages, 24 x 16.2 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Parental Psychiatric Disorder presents an innovative approach to thinking about and working with families where a parent has a mental illness. With 30 new chapters from an internationally renowned author team, this new edition presents the current state of knowledge in this critically important field. Issues around prevalence, stigma and systems theory provide a foundation for the book, which offers new paradigms for understanding mental illness in families. The impact of various parental psychiatric disorders on children and family relationships are summarized, including coverage of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders and trauma. Multiple innovative interventions are outlined, targeting children, parents and families, as well as strategies that foster workforce and organisational development. Incorporating different theoretical frameworks, the book enhances understanding of the dimensions of psychiatric disorders from a multigenerational perspective, making this an invaluable text for students, researchers and clinicians from many mental health disciplines.

Part I. Fundamental Issues
1. Towards the development of a conceptual framework
2. What we want from mental health professionals
'telling it like it is'
3. Parental mental illness
estimating prevalence to inform policy and practice
4. The effect of parents' psychiatric disorder on children's attachment
theory and cases
5. Assessing the economic costs of parental mental illness
6. Stigma and families where a parent has a mental illness
Part II. Comprehensive Assessment
7. Assessment and formulation of parenting
8. Assessment of parents for the court
9. Thinking about children of parents with mental illnesses as a form of intergenerational practice
10. Parental diagnosis and children's outcomes
Part III. Specific Disorders
The Impact on Children, Parenting and Family Relationships
11. Schizophrenia and motherhood
12. The impact of parental depression on children
13. Parents with anxiety disorders
14. Children of alcohol and other drug abusing parents
15. Mothers with eating disorders and their children
16. Parenting and borderline personality disorder
17. Working with parental personality disorder
key issues for mental health professionals and services
18. Parenting, immigration status, and mental health
Part IV. Child, Parent and Family Interventions
19. Helping children understand their parent's mental illness
20. Psychopharmacology and motherhood
21. Enhancing depressed mothers' sensitivity
22. Working with parents who have a psychiatric disorder
23. Grandparents as primary caregivers
24. Interventions for families when a parent has depression
25. Creating positive parenting experiences
family options
Part V. Building Workforce, Organisational and Community Capacity
26. Parental psychiatric disorder
translating the family model into practice change
27. E-learning professional development resources for families where a parent has a mental illness
28. How can we make the psychiatric workforce more family focused?
29. A personal recovery model for parents with mental health problems
30. Helping parents with mental illness
the value of professional partnerships fighting de facto bias in the American courts
31. Preventing unnecessary loss of child custody
32. Shifting the intervention paradigm from individuals to families living with parental mental illness
33. The policy context and change for families living with parental mental illness
34. Are we there yet? Developing a conceptual framework for understanding families where a parent has a mental illness