Pediatric Thrombotic Disorders

Pediatric Thrombotic Disorders

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Cambridge University Press, 1/8/2015
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Hardcover, 242 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.5 cm
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This comprehensive and authoritative text summarizes current evidence and provides experienced perspectives on the etiology, diagnosis, and management of pediatric thrombotic disorders, including arterial ischemic stroke and cerebral sinovenous thrombosis. Authored by leaders in the field, individual chapters are devoted to specific anatomic sites and types of thrombosis. State-of-the-art, pediatric-focused chapters aid in diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic decision making, in settings ranging from the most routine to the most complex and challenging patient scenarios. Topics include: extremity and caval deep venous thrombosis; pulmonary embolism; cancer-associated thromboembolism; infection-associated thromboembolism; arterial ischemic stroke; cerebral sinovenous thrombosis; gastrointestinal and visceral thrombosis; developmental hemostasis; thrombophilias; heparin-induced thrombocytopenia/thrombosis syndrome; venous thromboembolism prevention; thrombolysis; and novel anticoagulants, among others. This text is a 'must-have' for practitioners in pediatric hematology, oncology, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, neurology, hospital medicine, and intensive care.

Part I. Epidemiology, Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Outcomes
1. Extremity and caval deep venous thrombosis Madhvi Rajpurkar and Shoshana Revel-Vilk
2. Pulmonary embolism Suzan Williams and Michael Wang
3. Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis in children and neonates Mahendranath Moharir and Gili Kenet
4. Gastrointestinal and visceral thromboembolism Courtney A. Lyle and Christoph Male
5. Renal and adrenal vein thrombosis Robert Francis Sidonio, Jr and Leonardo R. Brandao
6. Cancer and thrombosis Uma Athale
7. Epidemiology, etiology and pathophysiology of infection-associated venous thromboembolism in children Anjali A. Sharathkumar, Neil A. Goldenberg and Anthony K. C. Chan
Part II. Special Considerations in Pediatric Patients
8. Developmental hemostasis I Paul Monagle
9. Developmental hemostasis II Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson
10. Pediatric thrombophilia evaluation
considerations for primary and secondary venous thromboembolism prevention Ulrike Nowak-Göttl, Gili Kenet and Neil A. Goldenberg
11. Role of global assays in thrombosis and thrombophilia Meera Chitlur and Mindy Simpson
12. Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis syndrome in children Courtney D. Thornburg
13. Severe thrombophilias Cameron C. Trenor, III and Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson
14. Thrombolysis Donald L. Yee, Catherine M. Amlie-Lefond and Peter H. Lin
15. New anticoagulants in children
a review of recent studies and a look to the future G. Young and Neil A. Goldenberg
16. Prevention of VTE in children Brian R. Branchford and Leslie Raffini
17. Arterial ischemic stroke in children Timothy J. Bernard and Ulrike Nowak-Göttl