Philosophy: Themes and Thinkers (Cambridge International Examinations)

Philosophy: Themes and Thinkers (Cambridge International Examinations)

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J. W. Phelan
Cambridge University Press, 4/14/2005
EAN 9780521537421, ISBN10: 0521537428

Paperback, 354 pages, 27.9 x 21.6 x 2 cm
Language: English

Suitable for students studying the IB Diploma and an excellent introductory text for undergraduates. Philosophy: Themes and Thinkers covers key philosophical concepts, themes, and philosophy texts. As well as gaining a thorough grounding in these areas, students will develop the ability to analyse and assess philosophical writings, form their own judgements and contribute effectively to the process of debate. Features - learning objectives at the start of each chapter - profile of notable philosophers - stimulating activities throughout - revision questions - definitions of key terms in the margin.

1. Introduction
THEMES;2. Theory of Knowledge
3. Moral Philosophy;4.Philosophy of Religion
5.Philosophy of the Mind
6. Political Philosophy
7.Philosophy of Science
8. Introduction to Aesthetics
9. Plato's Republic
10. Aristotle's Ethics
11. Descartes' Meditations
12. Hume's Enquiries
13. Marx's German Ideology
14. Mill's On Liberty
15. Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil
16. Russell's Problems of Philosophy
17. Ayer's Language, Truth and Logic
18. Sartre's Existentialism and Humanism
19. Critical Thinking
20. Study Skills for Philosophy Students