Phonons in Nanostructures

Phonons in Nanostructures

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Michael A. Stroscio, Mitra Dutta
Cambridge University Press, 8/23/2001
EAN 9780521792790, ISBN10: 0521792797

Hardcover, 290 pages, 25.4 x 17.8 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

This book focuses on the theory of phonon interactions in nanoscale structures with particular emphasis on modern electronic and optoelectronic devices. The continuing progress in the fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures with lower dimensional features has led to devices with enhanced functionality and even novel devices with new operating principles. The critical role of phonon effects in such semiconductor devices is well known. There is therefore a great need for a greater awareness and understanding of confined phonon effects. A key goal of this book is to describe tractable models of confined phonons and how these are applied to calculations of basic properties and phenomena of semiconductor heterostructures. The level of presentation is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students in physics and engineering with some background in quantum mechanics and solid state physics or devices. A basic understanding of electromagnetism and classical acoustics is assumed.

The first part
1. Phonons in nanostructures
2. Phonons in bulk cubic crystals
3. Phonons in bulk würtzite crystals
4. Raman properties of bulk phonons
5. Occupation number representation and general formulation of carrier-phonon scattering rates
6. Anharmonic coupling of phonons
7. Continuum models for phonons in bulk and dimensionally-confined semiconductors
8. Carrier-LO-phonon scattering
9. Carrier-acoustic-phonon scattering
10. Recent developments on electron-phonon interactions in structures in electronic and optoelectronic devices
11. Concluding considerations