Physical Exercise Interventions for Mental Health

Physical Exercise Interventions for Mental Health

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Abridged edition, 2/9/2016
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Hardcover, 196 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.3 cm
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Exercise is well known to be beneficial to physical health; however, increasing research indicates that physical exercise is also beneficial to brain health and may alleviate symptoms of mental disorders. This book, written by international experts, describes and explores the theory and practice of exercise intervention for different mental disorders across the life span. Drawing on evidence from basic neuroscience research, and enriched with findings from the latest clinical trials, the work provides clear descriptions of current practice and highlights ways to translate this knowledge into pragmatic advice for use in daily practice. The chapters cover a broad range of conditions including neurodevelopmental disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis and late life neurocognitive disorders. This book is for mental health clinicians including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, as well as internists, paediatricians and geriatricians seeking a comprehensive and individualized approach to treatment.

1. Recent developments of physical activity interventions as an adjuvant therapy in mental disorders Linda C. W. Lam
2. Exercise interventions for youth with psychiatric disorders Richard R. Dopp
3. Exercise for the treatment of depression David A. Baron, Samantha Lasarow and Steven H. Baron
4. Activity intervention for first episode psychosis Eric Chen and Edwin Lee
5. Aerobic exercise for people with schizophrenic psychosis Berend Malchow, Andrea Schmitt and Peter Falkai
6. Physical exercise to calm your 'nerves' Linda C. W. Lam, Arthur D. P. Mak and Sing Lee
7. The Treatment with Exercise Augmentation for Depression (TREAD) study Chad D. Rethorst, Tracy L. Greer and Madhukar H. Trivedi
8. Physical activity interventions for minor and major neurocognitive disorders Nicola T. Lautenschlager and Kay L. Cox
9. Yoga-based interventions for the management of psychiatric disorders Shivarama Varambally and B. N. Gangadhar
10. Physical exercise for brain health in later life
how does it work? Amit Lampit, Shantel L. Duffy and Michael Valenzuela
11. Depression and cardiovascular risk
exercise as a treatment Bradley L. Stilger, Barry A. Franklin, Justin E. Trivax and Thomas E. Vanhecke