Pleistocene History of the Lower Thames Valley

Pleistocene History of the Lower Thames Valley

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Philip L. Gibbard
Cambridge University Press, 6/16/1994
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The Lower Thames Valley is a classic area for British Pleistocene studies. The valley contains a sequence of River Thames deposits representing approximately the last 300,000 years, including older, highly fragmented and eroded sediments derived from Thames tributaries and glaciation. The region includes some of the most important palaeolithic archaeological sites in the country which, although extensively studied, have never previously been fitted into a regional context. The area also includes some of the most important fossiliferous localities in the country, several of which have been at the centre of controversies regarding the sequence of events in the British Pleistocene. This regional investigation clarifies the problems by presenting the geological sequence in detail and establishing the relationship of these localities for the first time.

1. Introduction
2. Lithostratigraphy
3. Comparison of pebble lithological composition of the gravel members
4. Sedimentary structures and depositional environments
5. Vertebrate faunal assemblages
6. Palaeobotany and biostratigraphy
7. Palaeolithic artefact assemblages
8. Palaeogeographical evolution of the Lower Thames Valley
9. Correlation with neighbouring areas

"...one of the best examples of Pleistocene riverine evolution....a good example of geological investigation." Choice