Politics, Gender, and Concepts: Theory and Methodology

Politics, Gender, and Concepts: Theory and Methodology

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Cambridge University Press, 11/13/2008
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A critique of concepts has been central to feminist scholarship since its inception. However, while gender scholars have identified the analytical gaps in existing social science concepts, few have systematically mapped out a gendered approach to issues in political analysis and theory development. This volume addresses this important gap in the literature by exploring the methodology of concept construction and critique, which is a crucial step to disciplined empirical analysis, research design, causal explanations, and testing hypotheses. Leading gender and politics scholars use a common framework to discuss methodological issues in some of the core concepts of feminist research in political science, including representation, democracy, welfare state governance, and political participation. This is an invaluable work for researchers and students in women's studies and political science.

1. Introduction Amy G. Mazur and Gary Goertz
2. Mapping gender and politics concepts
ten guidelines Gary Goertz and Amy G. Mazur
Part I. Gendering Concepts
3. Gendering democracy Pamela Paxton
4. Gendering representation Karen Celis
5. Gendering the welfare state Diane Sainsbury
6. Gendering governance Georgina Waylen
7. Gendering development Kathleen Staudt
Part II. Gender-Specific Concepts
8. Gender ideology
masculinism and feminalism Georgia Duerst-Lahti
9. Intersectionality S. Laurel Weldon
10. Women's movements, feminism, and feminist movements Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G. Mazur
11. State feminism Amy G. Mazur and Dorothy E. McBride
Appendix. A website for additional gender and politics concepts.