Polymers in Dispersed Media (Macromolecular Symposia)

Polymers in Dispersed Media (Macromolecular Symposia)

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Jér%C3%B4me Claverie, MarieThérèse Charreyre, Christian Pichot
Wiley VCH, 19/06/2000
EAN 9783527301294, ISBN10: 3527301291

Hardcover, 336 pages, 23.6 x 16 x 2 cm

Dedicated to Dr. Alain Guyot who played an important role in setting up and the development of Polymer Science in Lyon, and on the occasion of his formal retirement, the 4th International Symposium "Polymers in Dispersed Media" took place in April 1999 in Lyon, France.

The present two volumes of Macromolecular Symposia contain 83 invited and contributed papers which are classified according to the three main topics of the symposium. Articles in volume 150 deal with "Polymerization in Dispersed Media", whereas volume 151 comprises contributions to "Non–Conventional Dispersion of Polymers", as well as "Properties and Applications of Dispersed Media".