Power, Order, and Change in World Politics

Power, Order, and Change in World Politics

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Edited by G. John Ikenberry
Cambridge University Press, 8/21/2014
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Hardcover, 308 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm
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Are there recurring historical dynamics and patterns that can help us understand today's power transitions and struggles over international order? What can we learn from the past? Are the cycles of rise and decline of power and international order set to continue? Robert Gilpin's classic work, War and Change in World Politics offers a sweeping and influential account of the rise and decline of leading states and the international orders they create. Now, some thirty years on, this volume brings together an outstanding collection of scholars to reflect on Gilpin's grand themes of power and change in world politics. The chapters engage with theoretical ideas that shape the way we think about great powers, with the latest literature on the changing US position in the global system, and with the challenges to the existing order that are being generated by China and other rising non-Western states.

Introduction. Power, order, and change in world politics G. John Ikenberry
Part I. Varieties of International Order and Strategies of Rule
1. Unpacking hegemony
the social foundations of hierarchical order Charles A. Kupchan
2. Dominance and subordination in world politics
authority, liberalism, and stability in the modern international order David A. Lake
3. The logic of order
Westphalia, liberalism, and the evolution of international order in the modern era G. John Ikenberry
Part II. Power Transition and the Rise and Decline of International Order
4. Hegemonic decline and hegemonic war revisited William C. Wohlforth
5. Gilpin approaches War and Change
a classical realist in structural drag Jonathan Kirshner
6. Order and change in world politics
the financial crisis and the breakdown of the US-China grand bargain Michael Mastanduno
Part III. Systems Change and Global Order
7. Hegemony, nuclear weapons, and liberal hegemony Daniel Deudney
8. Brilliant but now wrong
a sociological and historical sociological assessment of Gilpin's War and Change in World Politics Barry Buzan
9. Nations, states, and empires John A. Hall.