Practising Self-Government: A Comparative Study of Autonomous Regions (Law in Context)

Practising Self-Government: A Comparative Study of Autonomous Regions (Law in Context)

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Cambridge University Press, 8/29/2013
EAN 9781107018587, ISBN10: 1107018587

Hardcover, 514 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 3.5 cm
Language: English

Autonomy provides a framework that allows for regions within countries to exercise self-government beyond the extent available to other sub-state units. This book presents detailed case studies of thirteen such autonomies from around the world, in which noted experts on each outline the constitutional, legal and institutional frameworks as well as how these arrangements have worked in practice to protect minority rights and prevent secession of the territories in question. The volume's editors draw on the case studies to provide a comparative analysis of how autonomy works and the political and institutional conditions under which it is likely to become a workable arrangement for management of the differences that brought it into being.

nature and origins of autonomy Yash Ghai
1. Seeking autonomy in a decentralised federation
the case of Québec Richard Simeon and Luc Turgeon
2. Property and happiness through autonomy
the self-government of the Ã…land Islands in Finland Markku Suksi
3. Puerto Rico
autonomy or colonial subordination? Efrén Rivera-Ramos
4. Foundations and institutions of South-Tyrol's autonomy in Italy Oskar Peterlini
5. Kashmir
the vanishing autonomy Jill Cottrell
6. Autonomies of scale
precarious self-government on Norfolk Island Helen Irving
7. The autonomy of Catalonia
the unending search for a place within pluralist Spain Carlos Flores Juberías
8. Zanzibar in Tanzania
from sovereign to autonomy? Yash Ghai
9. Defective democracy in a failed state? Bridging constitutional design, politics and ethnic division in Bosnia-Herzegovina Josef Marko
10. Hong Kong's autonomy
dialects of powers and institutions Yash Ghai
11. The autonomy of devolved Scotland Chris Himsworth
12. Macau
transformation of a historic autonomy Paulo Cardinal
13. Autonomy and conflict resolution in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea Anthony J. Regan
14. Comparative perspectives on institutional frameworks for autonomy Sophia Woodman and Yash Ghai.