Principles of Ivf Laboratory Practice: Optimizing Performance And Outcomes

Principles of Ivf Laboratory Practice: Optimizing Performance And Outcomes

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Cambridge University Press, 5/11/2017
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Since the first successful human in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment in 1978, IVF has transformed from an experimental procedure to an established standard of care that is practised throughout the world. As the proven methodologies become more established, patients and practitioners expect higher live birth rates and excellent quality controls. This practical book covers every stage in the life of an IVF laboratory, from designing and planning the laboratory to training the embryologists and ongoing management and troubleshooting, providing step-by-step protocols for today's best practice. Complex and specialized procedures are described by experts in the respective fields using a common structure, which allows the reader to translate into standard operating procedures. The editors bring together a portfolio of techniques that will work in almost every laboratory, providing a foundation of good working practice for both new and experienced embryologists.

Part I. Starting a New Laboratory and Training Protocols
1. Establishing and equipping a new IVF laboratory Alex Lagunov, Michael Crowe and Jason E. Swain
2. Basic embryology skills in the IVF laboratory Stephen Troup and Karen Schnauffer
3. Sperm preparation for IVF
training protocol Kara A. Ehlers and Greg L. Christensen
4. Oocyte pick-up for IVF
training protocol Alison Campbell, Caroline Drew and Kathryn Berrisfor
5. Embryo transfer for IVF
training protocol María José de los Santos and Nicolás Prados
6. ICSI for IVF
training protocol Cristina Hickman
7. Embryo assisted hatching for IVF
training protocol and method Mina Alikani
8. Embryo biopsy for IVF
training protocol Oriol Oliana, Cristina F. L. Hickman, Jonathan Lo and Dawn A. Kelk
9. Vitrification for IVF
training protocol Andrew Dorfmann
10. Mouse embryo assay for quality control in the IVF laboratory Dean E. Morbeck
11. Sperm survival assay for quality control in the IVF laboratory Marius Meintjes
Part II. Pre-Procedure Protocols
12. Quality control in the IVF laboratory
continuous improvement Georgios Liperis and Cecelia Sjöblom
13. Set-up procedures for optimizing performance in the IVF laboratory Klaus E. Wiemer
Part III. Gametes
14. Sperm preparation for therapeutic in-vitro fertilization Verena Nordhoff and Sabine Kliesch
15. Processing surgically retrieved sperm in the IVF laboratory Amy E. T. Sparks
16. Cryopreservation of sperm for IVF
semen samples and individual sperm Nina Desai and Pooja Rambhia
17. Oocyte collection for IVF Marcela Calonge
18. In-vitro maturation of oocytes for IVF Satoshi Mizuno and Aisaku Fukuda
19. Oocyte grading for IVF Basak Balaban
20. Vitrification of oocytes for IVF Laura Rienzi, B. Iussig and F. M. Ubaldi
Part IV. Insemination/ICSI
21. Conventional IVF with overnight co-incubation Caroline McCaffrey, Melicia Clarke-Williams and David H. McCulloh
22. Conventional IVF with short co-incubation Dean E. Morbeck
23. Technical aspects of ICSI for ejaculated spermatozoa Gianpiero D. Palermo, Tyler Cozzubbo and Queenie V. Neri
24. Sperm selection for ICSI by morphology Sabine Vanderzwalmen, David Jareno, Pierre Vanderzwalmen, Romain Imber, Maximilian Murtinger and Barbara Wirleitner
25. Sperm selection for ICSI by viability Markus H. M. Montag
26. Oocyte activation for IVF Thomas Ebner
Part V. Fertilization Assessment
27. Fertilization assessment in IVF and ICSI Dara Berger and Heather S. Hoff
28. Polar body biopsy for IVF Markus H. M. Montag
29. Zygote cryopreservation for IVF Dean E. Morbeck
Part VI. Embryo Assessment
30. Embryo assessment at the precompaction stage in the IVF laboratory Shunping Wang and Tien-cheng Arthur Chang
31. Embryo assessment at the postcompaction stage in the IVF laboratory Michael Reed and Jun Tao
32. Embryo assessment at the blastocyst stage in the IVF laboratory Tien-cheng Arthur Chang, Shunping Wang and Courtney Failor
33. Embryo culture and assessment via time-lapse microscopy in the IVF laboratory Markus H. M. Montag
Part VII. Embryo Cryopreservation
34. Cryopreservation of precompaction embryos for IVF Cecelia Sjöblom
35. Cryopreservation of postcompaction embryos for IVF Mitchel C. Schiewe
Part VIII. Embryo Biopsy
36. Embryo biopsy by laser on day 5 in the IVF laboratory Anick De Vos
Part IX. Embryo Transfer
37. Routine embryo transfer in the IVF laboratory Sangita Jindal
Part X. Quality Management
38. Quality management in the IVF laboratory
witnessing David H. McCulloh, Patty Ann Labella and Caroline McCaffrey
39. Quality management in the IVF laboratory
quality improvement, document and process control, and adverse events Rebecca Holmes and C. Brent Barrett
40. Troubleshooting in the IVF laboratory Kathryn J. Go and Thomas B. Pool.