Principles of Psychiatric Genetics

Principles of Psychiatric Genetics

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Cambridge University Press, 9/13/2012
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Disorders of behavior represent some of the most common and disabling diseases affecting humankind; however, despite their worldwide distribution, genetic influences on these illnesses are often overlooked by families and mental health professionals. Psychiatric genetics is a rapidly advancing field, elucidating the varied roles of specific genes and their interactions in brain development and dysregulation. Principles of Psychiatric Genetics includes 22 disorder-based chapters covering, amongst other conditions, schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, Alzheimer's disease, learning and developmental disorders, eating disorders and personality disorders. Supporting chapters focus on issues of genetic epidemiology, molecular and statistical methods, pharmacogenetics, epigenetics, gene expression studies, online genetic databases and ethical issues. Written by an international team of contributors, and fully updated with the latest results from genome-wide association studies, this comprehensive text is an indispensable reference for psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists and anyone involved in psychiatric genetic studies.

1. Contribution of genetic epidemiology to our understanding of psychiatric disorders Kathleen Reis Merikangas and Anibal Cravchik
2. A basic overview of contemporary human genetic analysis strategies Ondrej Libiger and Nicholas J. Schork
3. In silico analysis strategies and resources for psychiatric genetics research Ali Torkamani, Trygve Bakken and Nicholas J. Schork
4. Gene expression studies in psychiatric disorders Alexander B. Niculescu
5. Pharmacogenetics in psychiatry Falk W. Lohoff
6. Functional validation of candidate genetic susceptibility factors for major mental illnesses
from protein chemistry, cell biology, animal study, to human brain imaging Akira Sawa, Wanli W. Smith, Saurav Seshadri, Akiko Hayashi-Takagi, Hanna Jaaro-Peled and Atsushi Kamiya
7. Epigenetic mechanisms in drug addiction and depression William Renthal and Eric J. Nestler
8. Panic disorder Ardesheer Talati and Myrna M. Weissman
9. The genetics of phobic disorders and generalized anxiety disorder Raymond R. Crowe
10. Genetic contributions to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and OCD-related disorders Dennis L. Murphy, Pablo R. Moya, Jens R. Wendland and Kiara Timpano
11. Post-traumatic stress disorder Michael J. Lyons, Tyler Zink and Karestan C. Koenen
12. Antisocial behavior
gene environment interplay Laura A. Baker, Catherine Tuvblad, Serena Bedzjian and Adrian Raine
13. Learning disabilities Shelley D. Smith
14. Autism and autism spectrum disorders Daniel H. Geschwind and Maricela Alarcon
15. Genetics of major depression James B. Potash
16. The genetics of anorexia and bulimia nervosa Andrew W. Bergen, Jennifer Wessel and Walter H. Kaye
17. Genetics and common human obesity R. Arlen Price
18. Alcoholism Howard J. Edenberg
19. Nicotine dependence Sarah Hartz and Laura Bierut
20. Genetics of stimulant dependence Joseph F. Cubells and Yi-Lang Tang
21. Genetics of personality disorders C. Robert Cloninger
22. Ethical issues in behavioral genetics Stephen H. Dinwiddie, Jinger Hoop and Elliot Gershon
23. Genetics of Tourette syndrome and related disorders Maria G. Motlagh, Thomas V. Fernandez and James F. Leckman
24. Endophenotypes Bernice Porjesz
25. Developmental disorders Craig A. Erickson, Khendra I. Peay and Christopher J. McDougle