Professional Secrecy of Lawyers in Europe

Professional Secrecy of Lawyers in Europe

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Cambridge University Press, 5/16/2013
EAN 9781107031630, ISBN10: 110703163X

Hardcover, 638 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 3.6 cm
Language: English

This book examines the lawyer's duty of professional secrecy (also known as the attorney-client privilege) in the twenty-seven Member States of the European Union, the three Member States of the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. It provides valuable information for those working on transactions or litigations which involve several countries – they can use this book to find out to what extent any information shared with or any advice received from a lawyer is protected in each of these countries.

Foreword Jean-Pierre Buyle and Dirk Van Gerven
1. Professional secrecy in Europe Dirk Van Gerven
2. The CCBE rules on professional secrecy Georges-Albert Dal
3. Austria Michael Kutschera
4. Belgium Dirk Van Gerven
5. Bulgaria Kina Chuturkova, Raina Dimitrova and Mihail Vishanin
6. Cyprus Alexandros Tsadiras
7. Czech Republic Petr Cáp
8. Denmark Lars Bo Langsted
9. Estonia Katrin Kose
10. Finland Petri Taivalkoski and Aini Juopperi
11. France Sabine Du Granrut
12. Germany Christian Dahns and Johannes Keller
13. Greece Ilias Tompaidis and Konstantinos Voulgarakis
14. Hungary János Bánáti
15. Iceland Ólafur Arinbjörn Sigurosson and Sindri Guojónsson
16. Ireland Liam Kennedy and Sarah Conroy
17. Italy Antonella Brambilla
18. Latvia Egils Radzins
19. Liechtenstein Mario Frick
20. Lithuania Akvile Bosaite and Karina Kuizinaite
21. Luxembourg Marc Thewes
22. Malta Max Ganado, Christine Borg and Thomas Cutts-Watson
23. Netherlands Fokke Fernhout
24. Norway John Christian Elden
25. Poland Wojciech Marchwicki and Marek Nieduzak
26. Portugal Ana Cristina Delgado
27. Romania Gabriela Cacerea and Anca Mihailescu
28. Slovakia Jozef Olej
29. Slovenia Natasa Pipan Nahtigal and Tjasa Lahovnik
30. Spain Nielson Sánchez Stewart
31. Sweden Henrik Fieber and Minna Sjöstrand
32. Switzerland Claudio Bazzani and Roman Richers
33. United Kingdom Ronnie Fox, Shira Auerbach, Shirley Blair and Kirsteen Macdonald.