Prostanoids: Pharmacological, Physiological and Clinical Relevance

Prostanoids: Pharmacological, Physiological and Clinical Relevance

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P. K. Moore
Cambridge University Press, 12/12/1985
EAN 9780521278270, ISBN10: 0521278279

Hardcover, 276 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm

Prostanoids are a group of fat-soluble compounds synthesised by almost every cell in the human body, and they are essential to the proper functioning of the organs. Interruption to the constant rate of formation and release of prostanoids may cause life-threatening conditions to develop, for example a deficiency may exacerbate or cause strokes, heart disease, diabetes and an excess is implicated in arthritis. The interest in the structure and functions of prostanoids is great and much research effort has been spent on elucidating facts about them. This book makes explicit the present knowledge on the subject, and emphasises the pharmacology, physiology and relevance to clinical conditions. It offers those studying pharmacology and physiology, particularly in preclinical medical courses, an up-to-date summary of this exciting group of substances.