Proust and the Arts

Proust and the Arts

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Cambridge University Press, 11/5/2015
EAN 9781107103368, ISBN10: 1107103363

Hardcover, 303 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

Proust and the Arts brings together expert Proustians and renowned interdisciplinary scholars in a major reconsideration of the novelist's relation to the arts. Going beyond the classic question of the models used by Proust for his fictional artists, the essays collected here explore how he learned from and integrated, in highly personal ways, the work of such creators as Wagner or Carpaccio. This volume reveals the breadth of Proust's engagement with varied art forms from different eras: from "primitive" arts to sound recordings, from medieval sculpture to Art Nouveau glassmaking, and from portrait photography to the private art of doodling. Chapters bring into focus issues of perception and detail in examining how Proust encountered and responded to works of art, and attend to the ways art shaped his complex relationship to identity, sexuality, humor, and the craft of writing.

1. Introduction
Part I. Art's Way
2. Primitives and primitive arts in the Recherche Nathalie Mauriac Dyer
3. 'Some dear or sad fantasy'
faith, idolatry, infidelity Sophie Duval
4. I am [not] a painting
how Chardin and Moreau dialogue in Proust's writing Christie McDonald
Part II. Apprenticing and Integrating
5. Art and craft in Marcel Proust's life and work Virginie Greene
6. 'Those blessed days'
Ruskin, Proust, and Carpaccio in Venice Susan Ricci Stebbins
7. 'Cette douceur, pour ainsi dire wagnérienne'
musical resonance in Proust's Recherche John Hamilton
Part III. Expanding the Arts
8. Proust and archeological discovery Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa
9. Swann's gift, Odette's face
photography, money and desire in À la recherche du temps perdu Suzanne Guerlac
10. Oriane's artful fashions Caroline Weber
11. Glass and clay
Proust and Gallé Elaine Scarry
Part IV. Perceiving and Transforming
12. Proust's eye Françoise Leriche
13. Sound and music in Proust
what the Symbolists heard Sindhumathi Revuluri
14. Inside a red cover
Proust and the art of the book Evelyne Ender and Serafina Lawrence
Part V. Creative Identities
15. Proust and the Marx Brothers Elisabeth Ladenson
16. Proust, Jews, and the arts Maurice Samuels
17. 'Irregular' kin
Madeleine Lemaire and Reynaldo Hahn in Les plaisirs et les jours François Proulx
18. The day Proust recognized he was a great writer Antoine Compagnon