Pseudo-reductive Groups (New Mathematical Monographs, Series Number 17)

Pseudo-reductive Groups (New Mathematical Monographs, Series Number 17)

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Brian Conrad, Ofer Gabber, Gopal Prasad
Cambridge University Press, 2010-07-29
EAN 9780521195607, ISBN10: 0521195608

Hardcover, 554 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 3 cm
Language: English

Pseudo-reductive groups arise naturally in the study of general smooth linear algebraic groups over non-perfect fields and have many important applications. This self-contained monograph provides a comprehensive treatment of the theory of pseudo-reductive groups and gives their classification in a usable form. The authors present numerous new results and also give a complete exposition of Tits' structure theory of unipotent groups. They prove the conjugacy results (conjugacy of maximal split tori, minimal pseudo-parabolic subgroups, maximal split unipotent subgroups) announced by Armand Borel and Jacques Tits, and also give the Bruhat decomposition, of general smooth connected algebraic groups. Researchers and graduate students working in any related area, such as algebraic geometry, algebraic group theory, or number theory, will value this book as it develops tools likely to be used in tackling other problems.