Public and Private Doctrine: Essays in British History Presented to Maurice Cowling

Public and Private Doctrine: Essays in British History Presented to Maurice Cowling

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Cambridge University Press, 10/21/1993
EAN 9780521400138, ISBN10: 0521400139

Hardcover, 370 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

Maurice Cowling's first two books appeared in 1963, the year in which he also became a Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge. This volume brings together a group of pupils, admirers and critics who have contributed essays dealing with facets of what Cowling calls 'public doctrine' in modern British history, together with critical assessments of his writing and his role as a major Cambridge figure. This varied group of essays helps to situate Cowling's work in its wider environment which will aid those who are coming to it for the first time or who are trying to make sense of its complex filiations. Above all, it seeks to be as unsycophantic, rebarbative and diverting as its dedicatee, while offering something genuinely worthwhile to all readers interested in recent historical and current intellectual tendencies in England.

Introduction Michael Bentley
1. The friends of the constitution in Church and State, 1667–73 James Jones
2. The Peterhouse Latitudinarians Richard Brent
3. Religion and the social order
the case of Burke and Paine Ian Harris
4. Religion in the Victorian novel Shirley Letwin
5. Victorian historians and the larger hope Michael Bentley
6. The Conservative Party and the Church of England, 1874–1902 Richard Shannon
7. George Gilbert Scott Junior, 1837–97
'the history of a narrow mind' David Watkin
8. Frederick Temple on the Clerisy and the idea of a meritocracy Simon Green
9. Faith and fellowship
the conservatism of John Buchan J. P. Parry
10. Service
the public doctrine of the Conservative leadership, 1922–40 Philip Williamson
11. Destiny and providence
the religion of Winston Churchill Paul Addison
12. Liberal collectivism and the English Catholic hierarchy Sheila Lawlor
13. Culture and community Roger Scruton
14. Religion and public doctrine Peter Ghosh
15. Public doctrine, private lives
the iconography of belief in a commercial society A. Boyd Hilton.