Public Management: Organizations, Governance, and Performance

Public Management: Organizations, Governance, and Performance

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Laurence J. O'Toole Jr, Kenneth J. Meier
Cambridge University Press, 2011-04-14
EAN 9781107004412, ISBN10: 1107004411

Hardcover, 332 pages, 24.9 x 17.8 x 2.2 cm

How effective are public managers as they seek to influence how public organizations deliver policy results? How, and how much, is management related to the performance of public programs? What aspects of management can be distinguished? Can their separable contributions to performance be estimated? The fate of public policies in today's world lies in the hands of public organizations, which in turn are often intertwined with others in latticed patterns of governance. Collectively, these organizations are expected to generate performance in terms of policy outputs and outcomes. In this book, two award-winning researchers investigate the effectiveness of management in the public sector. Firstly, they develop a systematic theory on how effective public managers are in shaping policy results. The rest of the book then tests this theory against a wide range of evidence, including a data set of 1,000 public organizations.

Advance praise: 'This is an excellent book by two of the world's leading public management scholars. They integrate their own research with leading-edge work by others in the field, and provide important new insights into the impact of public management on organizational performance. Both academics and policy makers will find the book essential reading for understanding contemporary problems such as networking, managerial quality, and personnel stability in public organizations.' George Boyne, Dean and Professor of Public Sector Management, Cardiff Business School