Public Policy

Public Policy

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Vishal Narain
Cambridge University Press, 5/3/2018
EAN 9781108429580, ISBN10: 1108429580

Hardcover, 230 pages, 23.5 x 15.7 x 2 cm
Language: English

Over the last thirty years, several disciplines and sub-disciplines have emerged to deepen our understanding of public policy. However, this literature is dominated by western scholarship and has developed within the context of American and (Western) European public institutions. Efforts to place this literature in the context of the global South have been conspicuous by their absence. This book seeks to bridge this gap by placing this literature in the context of Indian public policy processes and reviews key concepts, theories and models that are employed in the study for students of public policy, policy change and administration and governance and management. It aims to shape our understanding of public policy processes as developed across several disciplines and study them within the Indian context, explaining most ideas and concepts with reference to India and the global South.

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1. What is public policy? Concepts, trends and issues
2. How are policy choices made and implemented?
3. Where does policy change come from? Context, ideas and people
4. What happens when policies come to the ground?
5. Knowing the consequences of public policy