Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

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Gennaro Auletta, Mauro Fortunato, Giorgio Parisi
Cambridge University Press, 16/04/2009
EAN 9780521869638, ISBN10: 0521869633

Hardcover, 756 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 3.5 cm

The important changes quantum mechanics has undergone in recent years are reflected in this new approach for students. A strong narrative, and over 300 worked problems lead the student from experiment, through general principles of the theory, to modern applications. Stepping through results allows students to gain a thorough understanding. Starting with basic quantum mechanics, the book moves on to more advanced theory, followed by applications, perturbation methods and special fields, and ending with new developments in the field. Historical, mathematical, and philosophical boxes guide the student through the theory. Unique to this textbook are chapters on measurement and quantum optics, both at the forefront of current research. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students will benefit from this new perspective on the fundamental physical paradigm and its applications. Online resources including solutions to selected problems, and 200 figures, with colour versions of some figures, are available at www.cambridge.org/9780521869638.

''Why yet another book on quantum mechanics?' the authors ask. It is courageous of them to pose this obvious question ... But their courage is matched by the quality of their product: they have written a truly original treatment that towers over most of its competitors and makes many of them look pedestrian ... this is a fresh and new approach.' Times Higher Education Supplement