Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks: An Engineering Approach

Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks: An Engineering Approach

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Ekram Hossain, Mehdi Rasti, Long Bao Le
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 4/27/2017
EAN 9781107102491, ISBN10: 1107102499

Hardcover, 431 pages, 25.4 x 17.8 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Do you need to design efficient wireless communications systems? This unique text provides detailed coverage of radio resource allocation problems in wireless networks and the techniques that can be used to solve them. Covering basic principles and mathematical algorithms, and with a particular focus on power control and channel allocation, you will learn how to model, analyze, and optimize the allocation of resources in both physical and data link layers, and for a range of different network types. Both established and emerging networks are considered, including CDMA and OFDMA wireless networks, relay-based wireless networks, and cognitive radio networks. Numerous exercises help you put knowledge into practice, and provide the tools needed to address some of the current research problems in the field. This is an essential reference whether you are a graduate student, researcher or industry professional working in the field of wireless communication networks.

Part I. Basics of Wireless Networks
1. Introduction
2. Wireless networks and resource allocation
Part II. Techniques for Modeling and Analysis of Radio Resource Allocation Methods in Wireless Networks
3. Optimization techniques
4. Game theory
Part III. Physical Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
5. General system model and preliminary concepts
6. Power control in cellular wireless networks
7. Distributed joint power and admission control
8. Joint power and admission control in cognitive radio networks
9. Cell association in cellular networks
Part IV. Link Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
10. Subcarrier/subchannel allocation in OFDMA networks
11. Resource allocation in relay-based networks
12. Channel allocation for infrastructure-based 802.11 WLANs
Part V. Cross-Layer Modeling for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
13. Joint PHY/RLC design in cellular wireless networks.