Ralph Waldo Emerson in Context (Literature in Context)

Ralph Waldo Emerson in Context (Literature in Context)

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 12/9/2013
EAN 9781107028012, ISBN10: 1107028019

Hardcover, 340 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm
Language: English
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This collection of newly commissioned essays maps the vital contextual backgrounds to Ralph Waldo Emerson's life and work. The volume begins with a detailed chronology of Emerson's life and publishing history, setting the stage for a wide-ranging discussion of his geographic and environmental contexts from early and later life, including his travels and intellectual encounters with the United States, Europe and Asia. It goes on to survey the intellectual terrain of the nineteenth century, exploring Emerson's relationship with key philosophical, aesthetic, theological, scientific, familial, social and political contexts and issues. Finally, it assesses the popular and critical receptions that have solidified Emerson's legacy as a towering figure in American literature, criticism and culture today. Fans, students and scholars will turn to this reference time and again for a fuller understanding of this seminal American writer.

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Notes on contributors
List of abbreviations
Chronology Sterling F. Delano
Part I. Emerson and a Sense of Place(s)
1. Boston and Concord Jacob Risinger
2. America Roger Thompson
3. Britain Wesley T. Mott
4. Europe Jan Stievermann
5. Asia Alan Hodder
6. Travel Jason Berger
Part II. Emerson and Ideas
'The Wide World'
7. Reading Jennifer Gurley
8. Literature Albert J. von Frank
9. Poetry and poetics Saundra Morris
10. Nature David Greenham
11. Divinity David M. Robinson
12. Human mind Kristin Boudreau
13. History Neal Dolan
14. Democracy Daniel S. Malachuk
15. Revolution Daniel Koch
16. Science and technology Jennifer J. Baker
Part III. Emerson and Society
'Hodiernal Circles'
17. Life against death Ronald A. Bosco
18. Family Noelle Baker
19. Friendship John Lysaker
20. Ethics Susan L. Dunston
21. Clubs Alfred G. Litton
22. Gender Leslie Elizabeth Eckel
23. Race Len Gougeon
24. Reform Todd H. Richardson
25. Money Joel Myerson
26. Publishers David O. Dowling
Part IV. Emerson and his Legacies
From Infidel to Icon
27. Portraits Leslie Perrin Wilson
28. Fame Bonnie Carr O'Neill
29. Biography Robert D. Habich
30. Critics
1836–1948 Glen M. Johnson
31. Critics
1948–2013 Randall Fuller
32. A national icon Jillmarie Murphy
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