Recent Trends in Combinatorics: The Legacy of Paul Erdos

Recent Trends in Combinatorics: The Legacy of Paul Erdos

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Ervin Gyóri
Cambridge University Press, 8/28/2009
EAN 9780521120043, ISBN10: 0521120047

Paperback, 216 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.2 cm
Language: English

This is a collection of surveys and research papers on topics of interest in combinatorics, given at a conference in Mátraháza, Hungary. Originally published in journal form, it is here reissued as a book due to its special interest. It is dedicated to Paul Erdös, who attended the conference and who is represented by two articles in the collection, including one, unfinished, which he was writing on the eve of his sudden death. Erdös was one of the greatest mathematicians of his century and often the subject of anecdotes about his somewhat unusual lifestyle. A preface, written by friends and colleagues, gives a flavour of his life, including many such stories, and also describes the broad outline and importance of his work in combinatorics and other related fields. Here is a succinct introduction to important ideas in combinatorics for researchers and graduate students.

Paul Erdös
the man and the mathematician (1913–96) Miklós Simonovits and Vera T. Sós
1. A selection of problems and results in combinatorics Paul Erdös
2. Combinatorial Nullstellensatz Noga Alon
3. Connectedness, classes and cycle index E. A. Bender, P. J. Cameron, A. M. Odlyzko and L. B. Richmond
4. A Tutte polynomial for coloured graphs Béla Bollobás and Oliver Riordan
5. Notes on sum-free and related sets Peter J. Cameron and Paul Erdös
6. Geometrical bijections in discrete lattices Hans-Georg Carstens, Walter A. Deuber, Wolfgang Thumser and Elke Koppenrade
7. On random intersection graphs
the subgraph problem Michal Karonski, Edward R. Scheinerman and Karen B. Singer-Cohen
8. The blow-up lemma János Komlós
9. The homomorphism structure of classes of graphs Jaroslav Nesetril
10. Problem collection of the DIMANET Mátraháza workshop, 22–28 October 1995.