Reforming Justice: A Journey to Fairness in Asia

Reforming Justice: A Journey to Fairness in Asia

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Dr Livingston Armytage
Cambridge University Press, 2012-05-03
EAN 9781107013827, ISBN10: 1107013828

Hardcover, 382 pages, 23 x 15.4 x 2.3 cm

'Reforming Justice' calls for justice to be repositioned more centrally in evolving notions of equitable development. Justice is fundamental to human well being and essential to development. Over the past fifty years, however, overseas development assistance - foreign aid - has grappled with the challenge of improving 'the rule of law' with underwhelming and often dismal results around the world. Development agencies have supported legal and judicial reforms in order to improve economic growth and good governance, but are yet to address mounting concerns about equity and distribution. Building on new evidence from Asia, Livingston Armytage argues that it is now time to realign the approach to promote justice as fairness and equity.

Advance praise: 'Despite decades of effort and billions of international assistance dollars invested in development of competent, fair, and independent legal and judicial systems, there remain far too few examples of real and enduring success. In his new book, Livingston Armytage argues passionately that the core problem has been a failure to embrace the centrality of justice in legal and judicial reform efforts. Many of us in the development community continue to view universal rights-centric approaches to development with a degree of skepticism, but the insistence that advancing justice, however locally conceived and however achieved, is a central concern of all human beings is surely correct. Reforming Justice is an important contribution to the increasingly critical process of re-examining the assumptions and logic that underlies conventional assistance in this difficult area of international assistance.' William Stadden Cole, The Asia Foundation