Regenerative Pharmacology

Regenerative Pharmacology

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Cambridge University Press, 4/15/2013
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Hardcover, 356 pages, 25.3 x 17.7 x 2.6 cm
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Regenerative medicine is broadly defined as the repair or replacement of damaged cells, tissues and organs. It is a multidisciplinary effort in which technologies derive from the fields of cell, developmental and molecular biology; chemical and material sciences (i.e. nanotechnology); engineering; surgery; transplantation; immunology; molecular genetics; physiology; and pharmacology. As regenerative medicine technologies continue to evolve and expand across the boundaries of numerous scientific disciplines, they remain at the forefront of the translational research frontier with the potential to radically alter the treatment of a wide variety of disease and dysfunction. This book will draw attention to the critical role that pharmacological sciences will undeniably play in the advancement of these treatments. This book is invaluable for advanced students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers new to the field of regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, and experienced investigators looking for new research avenues. The first state-of-the-art book in this rapidly evolving field of research.

Part I. Basic Principles of Regenerative Pharmacology
1. Introduction to regenerative pharmacology George J. Christ and Karl-Erik Andersson
2. Regenerative pharmacology of the bladder David Burmeister, Karl-Erik Andersson and George J. Christ
3. Mechanical control of adult mesenchymal stem cells in cardiac applications Peter Galie and Jan P. Stegmann
4. Kidney and bladder regeneration
pharmacological methods Timothy A. Bertram, Belinda J. Wagner and Bert Spilker
Part II. Enabling Technologies for Regenerative Pharmacology
5. Stem and progenitor cells in regenerative pharmacology Mark E. Furth, Martin K. Childers and Lola M. Reid
6. Micro- and nano-scale delivery of therapeutic agents for regenerative therapy Justin M. Saul and Benjamin S. Harrison
7. Bioreactor technologies for tissue engineering a replacement heart valve Stefanie Biechler, Michael J. Yost, Richard L. Goodwin and Jay D. Potts
8. Incorporation of active factors (pharmacological substances) in biomaterials for tissue engineering Roche de Guzman and Mark Van Dyke
9. Enabling drug discovery technologies for regenerative pharmacology G. Sitta Sittampalam
10. Animal models of regenerative medicine J. Koudy Williams, James Yoo and Anthony Atala
Part III. Future Applications of Regenerative Pharmacology
11. Gap junction mediated therapies to eliminate cardiac arrhythmias Peter R. Brink and Ira S. Cohen
12. Regenerative cardiac pharmacology
translating stem cell biology into therapeutic solutions Atta Behfar and Andre Terzic
13. Wound healing and cell therapy for muscle repair J. B. Vella and J. Huard
14. Regenerative pharmacology of implanted materials and tissue engineered constructs Emily Ongstad, Michael J. Yost, Richard L. Goodwin, Harold I. Friedman, Stephen A. Fann, Gautam S. Chatnekar and Robert G. Gourdie
15. The past, present, and future of tissue regeneration M. Natalia Vergara and Panagiotis A. Tsonis.