Regulation and Criminal Justice: Innovations in Policy and Research

Regulation and Criminal Justice: Innovations in Policy and Research

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Cambridge University Press, 12/31/2010
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Hardcover, 344 pages, 23.5 x 15.6 x 2 cm
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While regulatory institutions and strategies have been the subject of increasing academic attention, there has been limited application of regulatory theories to criminal justice scholarship. This collection of essays from a range of outstanding international scholars adopts a critical, inter-disciplinary approach, providing an innovative application of regulatory theory to the practice of criminal justice and offering suggestions for further research. Part I explores the aims and values of criminal justice and other regulatory networks and the synergies and tensions between these fields; Part II examines criminal justice as a regulatory force to control 'deviant' and anti-social behaviour and Part III examines the regulation and oversight of criminal justice through the operation of prison inspectorates and explores notions of responsive justice.

1. Regulation and criminal justice
exploring the connections and disconnections Graham Smith, Toby Seddon and Hannah Quirk
Part I. Regulation and Criminal Justice
Framing the Debate
2. Regulation and its relationship with the criminal justice process Anthony Ogus
3. Reconciling the apparently different goals of criminal justice and regulation
the 'freedom' perspective Andrew Sanders
4. On the interface of criminal justice and regulation Peter Grabosky
Part II. Criminal Justice as Regulation
Responsivity, Alternatives and Expansion
5. Nodal governance and the Zwelethemba model Clifford Shearing and Jan Froestad
6. Regulatory compliance
organisational capacities and regulatory strategies for environmental protection Gary Lynch-Wood and David Williamson
7. An intoxicated politics of regulation David Whyte
8. Governing by civil order
towards new frameworks of support, coercion and sanction? John Flint and Caroline Hunter
9. Counter-terrorism and community relations
anticipatory risk, regulation and justice Gabriel Mythen and Palash Kamruzzaman
Part III. Regulation of Criminal Justice
Monitoring, Effectiveness and Accountability
10. The regulation of criminal justice - inspectorates, ombudsmen and inquiries Anne Owers
11. Rethinking prison inspection
regulating institutions of confinement Toby Seddon
12. Regulating democracy
justice, citizenship and inequality in Brazil Barbara Hudson.