Reichel's Care of the Elderly: Clinical Aspects of Aging

Reichel's Care of the Elderly: Clinical Aspects of Aging

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William Reichel Edited by Jan Busby-Whitehead
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 7, 6/23/2016
EAN 9781107054943, ISBN10: 110705494X

Hardcover, 816 pages, 24.8 x 19.7 x 3.8 cm
Language: English

This fully updated seventh edition remains the pioneering text for practicing physicians and allied health staff confronted with the unique problems of an increasing elderly population. Dr Reichel's formative text is designed as a practical and useful guide for all health specialists. Emphasizing the clinical management of the elderly patient with simple to complex problems, this is a must-read for all practitioners who need practical and relevant information in a comprehensive format. Chapters have been updated and re-organized to reflect the clinical approach to aging, beginning with a general approach to the management of older adults, followed by a review of common geriatric syndromes, and proceeding to an organ-based review of care. The final section addresses principles of care, including care in special situations, psychosocial aspects of our aging society, and organization of care. Particular emphasis is placed on cost-effective, patient-centered care, including a discussion of the Choosing Wisely campaign.

Part I. General Approach to Care of the Elderly
1. Essential principles in care of the elderly
2. The biology of aging
3. Comprehensive geriatric assessment
4. Prevention and screening
5. Appropriate use of medications in the elderly
6. Healthy aging
exercise and nutrition as medicine for older adults
Part II. Geriatric Syndromes
7. Frailty
8. Gait impairment and falls
9. Evaluation and management of dizziness
10. Evaluation and management of dementia
11. Recognition, management and prevention of delirium
Part III. Care of the Elderly by Organ System
12. Diagnosis and management of heart disease in the elderly
13. Hypertension in the elderly
14. Peripheral artery disease in the elderly
15. Neurologic problems in the elderly
16. Prevention, diagnosis and management of stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) in the elderly
17. Movement disorders in the elderly
18. Sleep disorders in the elderly
19. Clinical geropsychiatry
20. Unhealthy substance use in older adults
21. Pulmonary issues in the elderly
22. Gastrointestinal disease in the elderly
23. Serious infections in the elderly
24. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the elderly
25. Renal disorders in the elderly
26. Urological issues in older adults
27. Urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence
28. Gynecologic issues in the elderly
29. Endocrine disorders in the elderly
30. Diabetes mellitus in the older adult
31. Lipid management in older patients
32. Osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disorders
33. Common rheumatologic diseases in the elderly
34. Musculoskeletal injuries in the elderly
35. Dermatologic conditions in the elderly
36. Pressure ulcers
practical considerations in prevention and treatment
37. Anemia and other hematological problems in the elderly
38. Cancer in the elderly
39. Eye problems of the aged
40. Geriatric otolaryngology
41. Dental care for the elderly patient
42. Foot health in the elderly
Part IV. Principles of Care for the Elderly
43. Surgical care of the elderly
44. Rehabilitation in the elderly
45. Geriatric sexuality
46. Aging in adults with intellectual disabilities and severe and persistent mental illness
47. Community-based long-term care
48. Post-acute care and institutional long-term care
49. Palliative and end-of-life care
50. The mistreatment of older adults
51. Driving and the older adult
52. Integrative medicine in the care of the elderly
53. Implications of an aging society
54. Retirement
a contemporary perspective
55. Cultural competence and health literacy
56. Caregiving
57. Performance improvement in a changing health care system
58. Health care organization and financing
59. Advance care planning
using values and orders in end-of-life care
60. Ethical decision-making in the care of the elderly.