Research Ethics: A Philosophical Guide to the Responsible Conduct of Research (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

Research Ethics: A Philosophical Guide to the Responsible Conduct of Research (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

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Gary Comstock
Cambridge University Press, 1/3/2013
EAN 9780521187084, ISBN10: 0521187087

Paperback, 308 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

Education in the responsible conduct of research typically takes the form of online instructions about rules, regulations, and policies. Research Ethics takes a novel approach and emphasizes the art of philosophical decision-making. Part A introduces egoism and explains that it is in the individual's own interest to avoid misconduct, fabrication of data, plagiarism and bias. Part B explains contractualism and covers issues of authorship, peer review and responsible use of statistics. Part C introduces moral rights as the basis of informed consent, the use of humans in research, mentoring, intellectual property and conflicts of interests. Part D uses two-level utilitarianism to explore the possibilities and limits of the experimental use of animals, duties to the environment and future generations, and the social responsibilities of researchers. This book brings a fresh perspective to research ethics and will engage the moral imaginations of graduate students in all disciplines.

Part A. Protect my Interests
1. Report misconduct
2. Avoid plagiarism
3. Beware intuition
4. Justify decisions
Part B. Promote our Interests
5. Articulate reasons
6. Write cooperatively
7. Protect manuscripts
8. Clarify statistics
Part C. Respect Strangers' Rights
9. Inform subjects
10. Mentor inclusively
11. Recognize property
12. Reveal conflicts
Part D. Honor All Interests
13. Treat humanely
14. Preserve environments
15. Cultivate responsibility