Researching the Autism Spectrum: Contemporary Perspectives

Researching the Autism Spectrum: Contemporary Perspectives

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Cambridge University Press, 1/6/2011
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Hardcover, 418 pages, 25.4 x 18 x 2 cm
Language: English

This selection of contemporary research provides up-to-date perspectives from leading investigators who are at the cutting edge of studies in autism spectrum disorders. The book allows readers to grasp new approaches to understanding the autism spectrum. Key areas of theory and research are covered, from classification and diagnosis, genetics, neurology and biochemistry, to socio-cognitive, developmental and educational perspectives, essential to a broader understanding of the autism spectrum. In addition it introduces new emphases on MEG, epilepsy and memory. In highlighting both biomedical and psychological perspectives, this book reflects the multi-level emphasis of contemporary thinking about autism. By addressing key unanswered questions, Researching the Autism Spectrum acts as a guidepost for future research and provides an authoritative and multidisciplinary perspective.

Foreword Simon Baron-Cohen
Part I. Classification and Diagnosis
1. Early assessment and diagnosis of children Ann Le Couteur
Part II. Genetics, Neurology and Biochemistry
2. Unravelling the genetics of autism spectrum disorders Inês Sousa, Richard Holt, Alistair Pagnamenta and Anthony Monaco
3. Brain imaging and the neuroanatomical correlates of autism Michael Spencer, Andrew Stanfield and Eve Johnstone
4. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) as a tool to investigate the neurophysiology of autism Sven Braeutigam, Stephen Swithenby and Anthony Bailey
5. Autism and epilepsy Christopher Gillberg and Brian Neville
6. Biochemistry of autism
changes in serotonin, reelin and oxytocin Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska, Jodie Westwood and Elaine Perry
Part III. Cognition, Development and Education
7. Psychological models of autism
an overview Elizabeth Pellicano
8. Cognitive flexibility in autism
a social-developmental account R. Peter Hobson and Jessica Hobson
9. Language in autism spectrum disorders
characteristics and causes Jill Boucher
10. Memory in autism
binding, self and brain Dermot Bowler, Sebastian Gaigg and Sophie Lind
11. Measuring executive function in children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders
a clinic referred case study Ayla Humphrey, Ofer Golan, Barbara Wilson and Sara Sopena
12. Managing autism spectrum disorders in current education provision Rita Jordan

'Autism research is currently enjoying considerable growth, with hundreds of researchers joining in the hunt to understand this important set of conditions. This book showcases some of the best autism scientists in the UK who are contributing to this international effort. This multi-disciplinary book nicely illustrates how autism is a multi-level phenomenon that will need integration across levels. The editors are to be congratulated on pulling this collection together since this will inspire a new generation of autism scientists among contemporary students.' Simon Baron-Cohen, from the Foreword