Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate

Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate

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Kamilla Elliott
Cambridge University Press, 6/1/2009
EAN 9780521107501, ISBN10: 0521107504

Paperback, 316 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

The relationship between books and film has been one of the key topics of cinema studies. Much of this criticism, however, has been inherited from eighteenth-century debates on poetry and painting and thus has fostered false and limiting paradigms in which words and pictures are opposed. Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate historicizes and critiques the central paradigms of this debate. Testing theory against practice, and uncovering the hidden agendas, Kamilla Elliot creates alternative critical models that can be applied to the novel/film issue in an effort to transform the field for future inquiry. In the process, she mounts a major critique of novel theory and film history and theory, demonstrating how rivalries have shaped and falsified each discipline when considered separately.

1. Analogy and category
2. Prose pictures
3. Film language
4. Cinematic novels/literary cinema
5. Literary cinema and the form/content debate
6. Adaptation and analogy.

Review of the hardback: 'Painstaking research and elegant phrasing enable Elliott to execute with brilliance her self-assigned Herculean task: an attempt to reframe how words and images have been set against one another and to reveal in arduous detail how they have been confusingly labeled as both independent and interrelated. Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate is a tour de force, well worth recommending.' Cercles