Rheophysics: The Deformation and Flow of Matter

Rheophysics: The Deformation and Flow of Matter

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Patrick Oswald
Cambridge University Press, 2009-07-16
EAN 9780521883627, ISBN10: 0521883628

Hardcover, 640 pages, 24.9 x 17.5 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Why is it necessary to strike while the iron is hot? What makes a good liquid crystal display? Why is rubber so elastic? These questions can be answered through rheophysics, using the mechanics of continuous media at the macroscopic scale, and statistical mechanics and the physics of defects at the microscopic level. This book addresses problems involving the flow of matter, covering the main aspects of the mechanical response of fluids and solids to applied stress or strain. It includes the hydrodynamics of ordinary liquids, the elasticity and plasticity of solids, and the rheology of complex fluids such as suspensions, polymers and liquid crystals. Dislocations are described thoroughly, and special attention is given to instabilities. Concepts and physical properties are illustrated by numerous experiments, historical anecdotes, and applications to aeronautics, metallurgy, and geophysics, making this a valuable reference for researchers and graduate students in physics, engineering, and materials science.