Risk and Uncertainty Assessment for Natural Hazards

Risk and Uncertainty Assessment for Natural Hazards

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Cambridge University Press, 2/21/2013
EAN 9781107006195, ISBN10: 1107006198

Hardcover, 588 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 3.2 cm
Language: English

Assessment of risk and uncertainty is crucial for natural hazard risk management, facilitating risk communication and informing strategies to successfully mitigate our society's vulnerability to natural disasters. Written by some of the world's leading experts, this book provides a state-of-the-art overview of risk and uncertainty assessment in natural hazards. It presents the core statistical concepts using clearly defined terminology applicable across all types of natural hazards and addresses the full range of sources of uncertainty, the role of expert judgement and the practice of uncertainty elicitation. The core of the book provides detailed coverage of all the main hazard types and concluding chapters address the wider societal context of risk management. This is an invaluable compendium for academic researchers and professionals working in the fields of natural hazards science, risk assessment and management and environmental science, and will be of interest to anyone involved in natural hazards policy.

List of contributors
1. Risk and uncertainty assessment in natural hazards Lisa J. Hill, Steve Sparks and Jonathan Rougier
2. Quantifying natural hazard risk Jonathan Rougier
3. Model limitations
the sources and implications of epistemic uncertainty Jonathan Rougier and K. J. Beven
4. Expert elicitation and judgment W. P. Aspinall and R. M. Cooke
5. Risk and uncertainty in hydrometeorological hazards T. L. Edwards and P. G. Challenor
6. Hydrometeorological hazards under future climate change T. L. Edwards and P. G. Challenor
7. Hydrological flood uncertainty and risk research J. Freer, K. J. Beven, J. Neal, G. Schumann, J. Hall and P. Bates
8. Uncertainties in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment W. P. Aspinall
9. Landslide and avalanche hazards T. K. Hincks, W. P. Aspinall, Steve Sparks, E. A. Holcombe and M. Kern
10. Tsunami hazard and risk T. K. Hincks, Steve Sparks and W. P. Aspinall
11. Risk and uncertainty assessment of volcanic hazards Steve Sparks, W. P. Aspinall, H. S. Crosweller and T. K. Hincks
12. Risk assessment and management of wildfires T. K. Hincks, B. D. Malamud, Steve Sparks, M. J. Wooster and T. J. Lynham
13. Technological facilities, infrastructure and hazardous materials, including some notes on space weather Steve Sparks, W. P. Aspinall, N. A. Chapman, B. E. Hill, D. J. Kerridge, J. Pooley and C. A. Taylor
14. Statistical aspects of risk characterization in ecotoxicology G. L. Hickey and A. Hart
15. Social science perspectives on natural hazards risk and uncertainty S. Cornell and M. Jackson
16. Human responses to natural hazard risk
considerations for improving the effectiveness of risk management systems H. S. Crosweller and J. Wilmshurst