Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors

Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors

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Evangelos Tabakis Edited by Ulrich Bindseil
Cambridge University Press, 1/15/2009
EAN 9780521518567, ISBN10: 0521518563

Hardcover, 542 pages, 25.3 x 18.2 x 3.2 cm
Language: English

Domestic and foreign financial assets of all central banks and public wealth funds worldwide are estimated to have reached more than 12 trillion US dollars in 2007. How do these institutions manage such unprecedented growth in their financial assets and how have they responded to the 'revolution' of risk management techniques during the last two decades? This book surveys the fundamental issues and techniques associated with risk management and shows how central banks and other public investors can create better risk management systems. Each chapter looks at a specific area of risk management, first presenting general problems and then showing how these materialize in the special case of public institutions. Written by a team of risk management experts from the European Central Bank, this much-needed survey is an ideal resource for those concerned with the increasingly important task of managing risk in central banks and other financial institutions.

Part I. Investment Operations of Central Banks and Other Public Investors
1. Central banks and other public institutions as financial investors U. Bindseil
2. Strategic asset allocation for central banks and public investors K. Nyholm and M. Koivu
3. Credit risk modeling for public institutions' bond portfolios H. van der Hoorn
4. Risk control framework, limits, reporting, compliance monitoring, and other risk control functions A. Manzanares and H. Schwartzlose
5. Performance measurement and attribution H. Bourquin, S. Hesselberg and R. Marton
Part II. Collaterised Lending Operations
6. Credit risk taking in collaterised lending operations U. Bindseil and F. Papadia
7. The collateral and credit risk mitigation frameworks of central banks E. Tabakis and B. Weller
8. Risk mitigation measures and credit risk assessment in central bank policy operations F. González and P. Molitor
9. Risk measures for a repo portfolio E. Heinle and M. Koivu
Part III. Organisational Issues and Operational Risk Management
10. Organisational issues relating to the risk management function of public investors E. Tabakis
11. Operational risk management in central banks J.-C. Sevet

'How should public institutions - central banks in particular - approach investment and risk management? What should be similar to private asset management, and crucially, what should be different and why? Such important questions have received remarkably little attention. Against this background, Bindseil, González and Tabakis have produced a timely and authoritative guide to the state of the art, and a blueprint for moving forward. Their book will be of great interest not only in central banking, but in all of financial asset management - public and private, practitioner and academic.' Francis X. Diebold, Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania