Romance and History: Imagining Time from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period: 92 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, Series Number 92)

Romance and History: Imagining Time from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period: 92 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, Series Number 92)

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: First Edition. Hardback. Dust Jacket., 1/8/2015
EAN 9781107042780, ISBN10: 110704278X

Hardcover, 338 pages, 23.1 x 15.5 x 3 cm
Language: English

To what extent can imaginative events be situated in time and history? From the medieval to the early modern period, this question is intriguingly explored in the expansive literary genre of romance. This collective study, edited by Jon Whitman, is the first systematic investigation of that formative process during more than four hundred years. While concentrating on changing configurations of romance itself, the volume examines a number of important related reference points, from epic to chronicle to critical theory. Recalling but qualifying conventional approaches to the three 'matters' of Rome, Britain, and France, the far-reaching inquiry engages major works in a variety of idioms, including Latin, French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. With contributions from a range of internationally distinguished scholars, this unique volume offers a carefully coordinated framework for enriching not only the reading of romance, but also the understanding of changing attitudes toward the temporal process at large.

Part I. Opening Perspectives
1. Romance and history
designing the times Jon Whitman
Part II. The Matter of Rome (and Realms to the East)
Approaches to Antiquity
2. Fearful histories
the past contained in the romances of antiquity Christopher Baswell
3. Troy and Rome, two narrative presentations of history in the thirteenth century
the Roman de Troie en prose and the Faits des Romains Catherine Croizy-Naquet
Part III. The Matter of Britain
Social and Spiritual Drives
4. Inescapable history
Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain and Arthurian romances of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Robert W. Hanning
5. Gottfried, Wolfram, and the Angevins
history, genealogy, and fiction in the Tristan and Parzival romances Adrian Stevens
6. Fictional history as ideology
functions of the grail legend from Robert de Boron to the Roman de Perceforest Friedrich Wolfzettel
7. The prose Brut, Hardyng's Chronicle, and the alliterative Morte Arthure
the end of the story Edward Donald Kennedy
8. Arthur in transition
Malory's Morte Darthur Helen Cooper
Part IV. The Matters of France and Italy
Acts of Recollection and Invention
9. The Chanson de geste as a construction of memory Jean-Pierre Martin
10. Ruggiero's story
the making of a dynastic hero Riccardo Bruscagli
11. Temporality and narrative structure in European romance from the late fifteenth century to the early sixteenth century Marco Praloran
Part V. Matters of Fabulation and Fact
Shifting Registers
12. The disparagement of chivalric romance for its lack of historicity in sixteenth-century Italian poetics Daniel Javitch
13. Romance and history in Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata David Quint
14. The thinking of history in Spenserian romance Gordon Teskey
15. La Cava
romance and history in Corral and Cervantes Marina S. Brownlee
Part VI. Closing Reference Points
16. Afterword and afterward
romance, history, time Jon Whitman
Select bibliography.