Salt Tectonics

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Michael R. Hudec Martin P. A. Jackson
Cambridge University Press, 11/30/2016
EAN 9781107013315, ISBN10: 1107013313

Hardcover, 550 pages, 28.3 x 22.3 x 2.6 cm
Language: English

Salt tectonics is the study of how and why salt structures evolve and the three-dimensional forms that result. A fascinating branch of geology in itself, salt tectonics is also vitally important to the petroleum industry. Covering the entire scale from the microscopic to the continental, this textbook is an unrivalled consolidation of all topics related to salt tectonics: evaporite deposition and flow, salt structures, salt systems, and practical applications. Coverage of the principles of salt tectonics is supported by more than 600 color illustrations, including 200 seismic images captured by state-of-the-art geophysical techniques and tectonic models from the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory at the University of Texas, Austin. These combine to provide a cohesive and wide-ranging insight into this extremely visual subject. This is the definitive practical handbook for professional geologists and geophysicists in the petroleum industry, an invaluable textbook for graduate students, and a reference textbook for researchers in various geoscience fields.

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Part I. Evaporite Deposition and Flow
1. Introduction
2. Evaporites and their deposition
3. Salt flow
Part II. Salt Structures
4. Salt pillows and salt anticlines
5. Salt stocks and salt walls
6. Salt sheets and salt canopies
7. Minibasins
8. Internal deformation in salt bodies
9. Salt welds
Part III. Salt-Tectonic Systems
10. Extensional salt-tectonic systems
11. Contractional salt-tectonic systems
12. Strike-slip salt-tectonic systems
Part IV. Practical Applications of Salt Tectonics
13. Seismic interpretation of salt structures
14. Special topics in seismic interpretation of salt canopies
15. Influence of salt on petroleum systems