Scientific Papers: Mainly On Electrodynamics And Radiation

Scientific Papers: Mainly On Electrodynamics And Radiation

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Samuel Bruce Mclaren
Cambridge University Press, 12/19/2013
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Samuel Bruce McLaren (1876–1916) was an Australian mathematician and mathematical physicist, and joint winner of the Adams Prize in 1913. Originally published in 1925, this book presents a description of the main aspects of McLaren's Adams Prize-winning essay, together with other accounts of papers and a selection of reprinted papers where necessary. The text was compiled posthumously following McLaren's early death during the Battle of the Somme. An obituary notice and a biographical appreciation of McLaren are also included. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in mathematics, physics and the history of science.

A personal appreciation Hugh Walker
Obituary notice J. W. Nicholson
Part I. Account of Papers Mainly on Radiation and Gravitation
1. Hamilton's equations and the partition of energy between matter and radiation
2. The emission and absorption of energy by electrons
3. The theory of radiation
4. A theory of gravity
Part II. Electromagnetic Theory
5. A theory of magnets
6. The magneton and Planck's universal constant
7. The theory of radiation
8. A theory of magnets
9. Mathematical theory of the magneton
Part III. The Propagation of an Arbitrary Disturbance in a Dispersive Medium.