Seedling Ecology and Evolution

Seedling Ecology and Evolution

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Cambridge University Press, 2008-09-18
EAN 9780521694667, ISBN10: 0521694663

Paperback, 536 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.6 cm
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Seedlings are highly sensitive to their environment. After seeds, they typically suffer the highest mortality of any life history stage. This book provides a comprehensive exploration of the seedling stage of the plant life cycle. It considers the importance of seedlings in plant communities; environmental factors with special impact on seedlings; the morphological and physiological diversity of seedlings including mycorrhizae; the relationship of the seedling with other life stages; seedling evolution; and seedlings in human altered ecosystems, including deserts, tropical rainforests, and habitat restoration projects. The diversity of seedlings is portrayed by including specialised groups like orchids, bromeliads, and parasitic and carnivorous plants. Discussions of physiology, morphology, evolution and ecology are brought together to focus on how and why seedlings are successful. This important text sets the stage for future research and is valuable to graduate students and researchers in plant ecology, botany, agriculture and conservation.

Pre-publication praise: 'I commend it strongly to all those who seek thoughtful up-to-date reviews of the wide range of inter-connected topics that constitute seedling ecology and ecophysiology.' Peter Grubb, University of Cambridge 'The editors have succeeded well in creating an account with a relatively seamless progression of concepts and a minimum of overlap and omission, which is not easy in a collection of chapters by different authors. They are also to be congratulated on bringing together such a wide variety of approaches, from evolution and physiology to ecology and conservation, and moulding them into such a coherent whole.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society