Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine

Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 5/20/2016
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Until the past decade, clinicians and researchers assumed that the medical evaluation and treatment of both women and men were the same. This archaic and dangerous notion persisted in spite of the clear anatomic and physiologic differences between the genders. Today, we fully understand that this paradigm is false. In all specialties of medicine, practitioners and researchers are beginning to consider the influence of sex and gender and how it should inform the care of their patients. This book focuses on the issue of sex and gender in the evaluation and treatment of patients specifically in the delivery of acute medical care. It serves as a guide both to clinicians interested in the impact of sex and gender on their practice and to researchers interested in the current state of the art in the field and critical future research directions.

Foreword Judith J. Tintinalli
Preface Alyson J. McGregor
1. Know the difference
sex and gender in acute care medicine Alyson J. McGregor and Esther K. Choo
2. It's not all chest pain
sex and gender in acute care cardiology Morgan Soffler, Alyson J. McGregor and Basmah Safdar
3. You've come a long way, baby
the effects of sex and gender on asthma, COPD, smoking and smoking cessation Stacey Poznanski and Rita Cydulka
4. Sex and gender-specific differences in alcohol and drug use among patients seeking treatment in the acute care setting Esther K. Choo, Marna Greenberg and Grace Chang
5. Sex and gender
pharmacology, efficacy, toxicity and toxicology Annette Lopez and Robert G. Hendrickson
6. A sex and gender based perspective on traumatic injury Jason Cohen, Stefan Merrill and Federico Vaca
7. Sex and gender differences in the presentation and treatment of cerebrovascular emergencies Tracy Madsen and Karen Furie
8. From Title IX to the Q angle
sex and gender in acute care orthopedics and sports medicine Neha Raukar and Kimberly Templeton
9. Are women more sensitive? Sex and gender differences in pain perception, clinical evaluation and treatment James Miner
10. Digesting sex and gender
gastroenterology David J. Desilets
11. Overcoming resistance
importance of sex and gender in acute infectious illnesses Erica Hardy, Mitchell Kosanovich and Arvind Venkat
12. Diagnostic imaging
focusing a lens on sex and gender Christopher L. Moore
13. Special populations
13A. Old, not neutered
a sex and gender-based approach to the acute care of elders Elena Kapilevich and Bruce Becker
13B. Girls and boys
sex and gender in pediatrics Therese L. Canares, Marleny Franco and George M. Lazarus
13C. Acute medical care for the transgender patient Elizabeth Samuels and Michelle Forcier
14. Sex and gender in medical education
the next chapter Marjorie R. Jenkins.