Shakespeare and the Digital World: Redefining Scholarship And Practice

Shakespeare and the Digital World: Redefining Scholarship And Practice

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Christie Carson
Cambridge University Press, 6/12/2014
EAN 9781107660786, ISBN10: 1107660785

Paperback, 278 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

Due to the unique cultural capital of his works, Shakespeare has long been the test subject for new methods and digital advances in arts scholarship. Shakespeare sits at the forefront of the digital humanities - in archiving, teaching, performance and editing - impacting on scholars, theatres and professional organisations alike. The pace at which new technologies have developed is unprecedented (and the pressure to keep up is only growing). This book offers seventeen new essays that assess the opportunities and pitfalls presented by the twenty-first century for the ongoing exploration of Shakespeare. Through contributions from a broad range of scholars and practitioners, including case studies from those working in the field, the collection engages with the impact of the digital revolution on Shakespeare studies. By assessing and mediating this sometimes controversial digital technology, the book is relevant to those interested in the digital humanities as well as to Shakespeare scholars and enthusiasts.

Shakespeare and the digital world
an introduction Christie Carson and Peter Kirwan
Part I. Defining Current Digital Scholarship and Practice
Shakespeare Research in the Digital Age
Introduction Christie Carson
1. Shakespeare in the digital humanities John Lavagnino
2. Getting back to the library, getting back to the body Bruce R. Smith
3. Sensing the past
tablets and early modern scholarship Farah Karim-Cooper
4. Webs of engagement David McInnis
Part II. Defining Current Digital Scholarship and Practice
Shakespeare Pedagogy and the Digital Age
Introduction Peter Kirwan
5. Internal and external Shakespeare
constructing the twenty-first-century classroom Erin Sullivan
6. Shakespeare at a distance Sarah Grandage and Julie Sanders
7. 'All great Neptune's ocean'
iShakespeare and play in a transatlantic context Sheila T. Cavanagh and Kevin A. Quarmby
8. 'From the table of my memory'
blogging Shakespeare in/out of the classroom Peter Kirwan
a pause for reflection
9. All's Well that Ends Orwell Sharon O'Dair
Part III. Redefining the Boundaries and Practices of Shakespeare Studies Online
Publishing and Academic Identity
Introduction Peter Kirwan
10. Unlocking scholarship in Shakespeare studies
gatekeeping, guardianship, and open-access journal publication Eleanor Collins
11. Living with digital incunables, or
a 'good-enough' Shakespeare text Katherine Rowe
12. Shakespeare in virtual communities Peter Holland
13. Gamekeeper or poacher? Personal blogging/public sharing Sylvia Morris
Part IV. Redefining the Boundaries and Practices of Shakespeare Studies Online
Communication and Performance
Introduction Christie Carson
14. Changing a culture with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
championing freedom and democracy Paul Edmondson and A. J. Leon
15. Developing a digital strategy
engaging audiences at Shakespeare's Globe Ryan Nelson
16. The impact of new forms of public performance Stephen Purcell
17. Creating a critical model for the twenty-first century Christie Carson
digital dreaming Christie Carson and Peter Kirwan.