Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century

Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Annotated, 4/19/2012
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Hardcover, 470 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm
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In the eighteenth century, Shakespeare became indisputably the most popular English dramatist. Published editions, dramatic performances and all kinds of adaptations of his works proliferated and his influence on authors and genres was extensive. By the second half of the century Shakespeare's status had been fully established, and since that time he has remained central to English culture. Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century explores the impact he had on various aspects of culture and society: not only in literature and the theatre, but also in visual arts, music and even national identity. The eighteenth century's Shakespeare, however, was not our Shakespeare. In recovering the particular ways in which his works were read and used during this crucial period in his reception, this book, with its many illustrations and annotated bibliography, is the clearest way into understanding this key phase in the reception of the playwright.

Introduction Fiona Ritchie and Peter Sabor
Part I. The Dissemination and Reception of Shakespeare in Print
1. Editing and publishing Shakespeare Marcus Walsh
2. Criticism of Shakespeare Jack Lynch
3. Shakespeare in the reviews Antonia Forster
4. Shakespeare discoveries and forgeries Brean Hammond
Part II. Shakespeare in Literature
5. Shakespeare in poetry David Fairer
6. Shakespeare in the novel Thomas Keymer
7. Shakespeare in drama Tiffany Stern
Part III. Shakespeare on the Stage
8. Shakespeare and the London stage Robert Shaughnessy
9. Shakespeare adaptation Jenny Davidson
10. Shakespeare and opera Michael Burden
Part IV. Memorializing Shakespeare
11. Shakespeare and the visual arts Shearer West
12. Shakespeare and the Stratford Jubilee Kate Rumbold
13. Shakespeare and English nationalism Kathryn Prince
Part V. Shakespeare in the Wider World
14. Shakespeare and the French Revolution Frans De Bruyn
15. Shakespeare and Germany Roger Paulin
16. Shakespeare and philosophy Philip Smallwood
Reference guide to Shakespeare in the eighteenth century Frans De Bruyn

"This volume of essays focuses on the critical interest in Shakespeare that has its roots in the 18th century, noting both performance traditions and literary influence." --Choice

"Perhaps the greatest triumph of this deeply pleasing volume, however, is the demonstration that Shakespeare in the eighteenth century came to mean something collective, too. The man and his works became a way for England, and to lesser extent Britons and English-speaking peoples generally, to forge an identity that was national in the former cases, and linguistic and cultural in the latter." --Ian Kelly, huntington library quarterly | vol. 76, no. 2

"It is nonetheless the most comprehensive study available, including not only the scholarship mentioned above but also essays on eighteenth-century criticism and reviews of Shakespeare, Shakespearean forgeries, and Shakespeare in opera. Most impressive is that, besides occasional disagreements, this collection builds a remarkably consistent picture of Shakespeare’s status and identity in the eighteenth century." -Nicholas Hudson, Comptes Rendus