Signals and Systems: Principles and Applications

Signals and Systems: Principles and Applications

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Shaila Dinkar Apte
Cambridge University Press, 5/9/2016
EAN 9781107146242, ISBN10: 1107146240

Hardcover, 781 pages, 25.2 x 19 x 4.1 cm
Language: English

This book provides a rigorous treatment of deterministic and random signals. It offers detailed information on topics including random signals, system modelling and system analysis. System analysis in frequency domain using Fourier transform and Laplace transform is explained with theory and numerical problems. The advanced techniques used for signal processing, especially for speech and image processing, are discussed. The properties of continuous time and discrete time signals are explained with a number of numerical problems. The physical significance of different properties is explained using real-life examples. To aid understanding, concept check questions, review questions, a summary of important concepts, and frequently asked questions are included. MATLAB programs, with output plots and simulation examples, are provided for each concept. Students can execute these simulations and verify the outputs.

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1. Introduction to signals
2. Signals and operations on signals
3. CT and DT systems
4. Time domain response of CT and DT LTI systems
5. Fourier series representation of periodic signals
6. Fourier transform representation of aperiodic signals
7. Laplace transforms
8. Z transform
9. Random signals and processes