SimWars Simulation Case Book: Emergency Medicine

SimWars Simulation Case Book: Emergency Medicine

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Cambridge University Press, 1/15/2015
EAN 9781107625280, ISBN10: 1107625289

Paperback, 336 pages, 27.6 x 21.9 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

The SimWars Simulation Case Book: Emergency Medicine enables novice simulation operators to quickly and effectively run simulation cases, which have been established at national SimWars events, for their respective programs and departments. The use of simulation to gain and maintain skills in healthcare has become critical to the delivery of the curricula in medical schools, nursing schools, residency programs, and hospital-based practice. Specialty boards, such as the American Board of Anesthesiology, now require simulation training as part of the Maintenance of Certification. Studies have shown that one of the main barriers to implementing simulation is the lack of trained simulation instructors and instructor time. Developed by leading emergency medicine simulation experts, this definitive collection of 46 cases includes topics intended to supplement UME and GME training, meet ACGME core competency requirements, and challenge the expert emergency physician in critical decision-making, procedural skills, ethical issues, teamwork and communication skills.

Part I. SimWars 101
1. Why SimWars?
2. What is SimWars?
3. SimWars – how to succeed
4. SimWars debriefing
the art of the show
5. SimWars judging
maximizing the educational value of a popular educational modality
6. Troubleshooting technology
Part II. SimWars Cases
Section 1. Airway
Case 1. Terminal extubation
Case 2. Industrial fire victim
burns and cyanide toxicity
Case 3. Pool diving accident
Case 4. Difficult airway – house fire
Case 5. 'Is there a doctor on the plane?'
Airplane anaphylaxis
Case 6. Hyperthermia on a cruise ship
Section 2. AMS
Case 7. Hypertensive emergency
Case 8. Adrenal insufficiency
Case 9. 'Raving' altered mental status
Case 10. Two patients with altered mental status and cyanosis
Section 3. Cardiopulmonary
Case 11. Severe asthma
Case 12. High-altitude pulmonary edema with high-altitude cerebral edema
Case 13. SCUBA – air embolism
Case 14. LVAD
Case 15. Aortic dissection mimicking as STEMI
Case 16. Procedural sedation gone wrong in patient with upper GI hemorrhage
Case 17. Transfer gone wrong – NG tube in the trachea
Section 4. Infectious Disease
Case 18. Septic shock secondary to pneumonia
Case 19. AMS/hemorrhagic fever
Case 20. Tetany in a home-body piercer
Case 21. Pediatric myocarditis
Case 22. Neonatal HSV meningo/encephalitis
Section 5. Neurocritical Care
Case 23. Traumatic brain injury
Case 24. Status epilepticus
Case 25. Intracranial hemorrhage
Case 26. Stroke/health information technology case
Case 27. Football injury – cervical spine fracture with neurogenic shock
Case 28. Floppy newborn resuscitation
Case 29. Post mortem C-section with seizing neonate at delivery
Case 30. Shoulder dystocia with postpartum hemorrhage
Case 31. Pediatric status epilepticus
Case 32. Neonatal cardiac arrest
Case 33. Anaphylaxis/boarding patient
Case 34. Zofran and long QTc syndrome
Case 35. Pediatric death debrief
Case 36. Infant abuse and the angry team member
Case 37. Intoxicated father with child neglect
Case 38. Body packer
Case 39. Multiple altered patients with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning
Case 40. HazMat/decontamination response with complicated communication
Case 41. Migraines and beta blocker overdose
Case 42. Blast injury
Case 43. Multi-victim trauma case
Case 44. Traumatic head bleed/trephination
Case 45. Trapped in the elevator
Case 46. I'm never riding rollercoasters again
Part III. Appendices
Appendix A. Thinking about the cases with ACGME milestones in mind
Appendix B. Moulage in minutes
Appendix C. Case images